I should maybe update?

Been an interesting month. I kind of tweaked my supplements, changed from whatever magnesium I was taking to magnesium citrate, added alpha-lipoic acid, cut D3 to 4000 IU, added a magnesium, zinc, calcium combo once a day, plain calcium once a day. I only had two bad days this week. Two. An actual record. I haven’t had three good days in a row for years, and rarely two. I had most of Sunday, all of Monday, Thursday, Friday, and yesterday as Getting Stuff Done and having fun days. Went out twice, had company three times, moved furniture, mostly with help but a bit by myself. This never happens. Today I am exhausted and in pain, but that’s after THREE days of doing things. Actual, physical things. Is it the supplements? Coincidence? Still cutting down the prednisone. Going to 2.5 mg this week. I usually have several really crap days after I cut the dose, but then I get somewhat better. Wonder how it will go this time.

Whatever is going on, I am not complaining, am not planning for it to last, or thinking ‘Yay, I’m all better.’ I am just reveling in each moment I am able to function like a real person. Then, too, spring is here, with a few sunny days, although it’s been a pretty gray month. Spring is always ‘cheering me up’ time.

I got Mother’s Day pressies, too. There’s also a humongous bluetooth speaker that fits under the tv, and lets me watch movies on my Fire while listening to them from over by the tv. Confusing, but much better sound. I have good kids. Yes. Yes I do. LOL

2014-05-09 14.31.20

2014-05-09 15.31.33

2014-05-09 18.35.49Trees finally lost their blooms yesterday when it rained, and now I just see green leaves out my windows. They were lovely while they lasted. It was a good year for the flowering pears, in spite of me thinking it wasn’t going to be. Some years are spectacular, some not so much. This was closer to the spectacular side.

Oh, if anyone lives in Mass., there is a fantastic restaurant in Attleboro. My DD and I went there yesterday. Sangria’s is the name. Tapas. Best food ever. OMG. Little hole in the wall, dark, cool (which was good because yesterday was warm), not at all noisy. Fantastic wait staff, and the food was unbelievable. Not cheap, but worth every penny. Can’t wait to go back. We googled before hand, and most reviews were good. One person mentioned they had been there three times and weren’t happy any of them, never going back, then gave it three stars. How many stars do places they actually like get? There are only five max, usually. Struck me funny. Funny is good. Back to the couch. Moaning and groaning time is at hand. LOL

3 thoughts on “I should maybe update?

  1. I like the looks of those strawberries… they wouldn’t last long here, I can tell you! Glad to hear of your good days and finding a nice restaurant that you can actually hear yourself talk in.

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