image023You have to love science. Why Zebras Have Stripes

On another front, went to the genius bar yesterday. The whole trip to Providence Place Mall was quite an adventure. Pain pills did not work well, breathing was horrible (It’s the glue from the renovation, I know it. You can still smell it in the hallways.) I had used both inhalers, too. After being away from home for a couple of hours, it was fine, just confirming my theory that while pretty hallways are nice, killing off the tenants to get them is not your best idea.

So, Genius Bar. Very nice, lots of people, short wait. It’s set up like a bar, with bars and bar stools. No booze though. That would really make it fun, and then I wouldn’t be a bit ‘excuse me?’ at the genius who helped me. He felt the need to explain DOS and Windows and the evolution to something so marvy (Apple), and how every hard drive has the potential to fail even when it’s as young as two weeks. I’m sorry. I’ve had Microsoft products for ten years, had two laptops that went through all sorts of jostling and moving and being lugged around, and never had a hard drive die. This one died from an update, which involved pushing a couple of keys. Duh! Anyway, they had to wipe it and install a new hard drive. Took an hour. Yeah. Pretty cool.

My friend Tess and I went to P.F.Chang’s for lunch while we waited. I’ve had their frozen dinner things before which were very nice, but now I don’t know if the chicken has been to China and back, so won’t buy it again til I do. Anyway, kind of expensive for what we got, but it was very good. I had sweet and sour pork, which did NOT come with that hideous pink, sweet, sticky gunk you get with take out. Great waiter, too. In Colorado, we had Cantonese Chinese restaurants, so I have had decent sweet and sour pork and chicken. I’ve even made it myself. Come to New England, and they eat pink corn syrup chicken, with no sour involved. ICK. I am rambling. Yes. Yes I am. So back to Apple, pick up laptop, walk the five miles back to the elevator, get off, can’t find car. Go to another level. No car. Go to the correct level. Car. Idiots. Both of us. Then we get totally imprisoned by the stupid parking garage which has exit signs leading to concrete walls. Finally had to ask another driver how to get the hell out of here. Whew. God, we laughed so hard.

So today, fired up the mac, with its new hard drive and Mountain Lion. Try the voice-over it says. Oh, I can tell it stuff? No. It tells YOU stuff, up until the point that you can’t get to the next page you need. Turn it off. Google. Easy fix, which I haven’t tried yet, because now that I’m on the machine that works, well….. So we’ll see. All in all, it was a really fun day. I am not one of those panic-y ‘omg the car has been stolen’ ‘omg we are never getting out of this garage’ ‘omg, I can hardly breathe and am going to die in the Providence Place Mall’ kind of people. Thank goodness. Neither is my friend when she’s with me. When she’s not, I think it’s a whole ‘nother story. LOL

Another thing. We tried out the massage chairs they have placed around the mall. Three minutes for a dollar. Now THAT was interesting. We joked that they shipped the order from the Happy Ending Massage Parlor to the mall by mistake. It was an experience.

So black hole has receded again, I need to get outside, people. Seriously. I need to move out of this death trap, which also, my across the hall neighbor told me, is no longer a safe building as she’s been broken into several times. Loud woman neighbor mentioned being broken into a while back, but I disregarded it, because she wasn’t actually sober when she told me. So not good news. I’ve always felt safe here, but….

Anyway, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Much better to feel much better. Also, I found a video of one of my favorite things I had on videotape and is almost worn out. Zombie Jamboree by rockapella. It’s a clip from a Spike Lee special from the 80’s I think. You can’t be depressed when you have music like that. The music starts about 2:08. Gosh, it feels good to feel good again.

2 thoughts on “Seriously.

  1. Hey, you got the computer fixed, that’s great! As for carparks… somehow, I usually remember where the car is. My husband gets completely lost and he’s done the “can’t find the way out” thing, too. Must try one of those massage chairs sometime…

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