Fire Update

I guess they tore down the building today, but I couldn’t see any of it from here. They weren’t done when it got dark, so am wondering what I will see tomorrow. It still smells of smoke in here, and after I woke from my morning ‘crashed on the couch’, I have been sneezing all day long. Fun, fun, fun. It’s supposed to warm up a bit in a few days, so I guess the ice that coats everything up the street will melt then. It’s pretty in the pictures, but I’m sure it’s dangerous. I know a woman was injured from ice falling off my building several years ago. She sued, too. Now we have inadequate awnings which only extend halfway across the sidewalks, so are completely useless, letting stuff drip onto the middle of the sidewalks. Good planning, folks. Not. I feel bad for the people who are now homeless due to the fire. The Red Cross is helping. I used to know someone who worked for the Red Cross. They do a lot of good that you never really hear about. I’m done. Tired, and sneezy. I noticed my proof-reading sucked last night. Hopefully this is better. Or not. 🙂 Little rambling here, it seems.

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