2 thoughts on “Bullying For Adults

  1. That is an amazing video. Thank you for sharing this. I’m afraid stuff like this does happen in the workplace, though. It makes me sad. There was this http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-11-08/laplonge-punishing-the-men-wont-stop-hazing/5079272 about ‘hazing’ in the armed services and this http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/stories/s46672.htm about some really horrific cases of bullying and discrimination against pregnant women. I wonder how some people sleep at night, I really do.

  2. It’s very depressing. Maybe you’ve seen the whole Miami Dolphins scandal going on here. Local news says it’s rampant even in the Patriot’s locker room. It’s football culture. I live very near Boston, and some of the Patriot players live in my town. Maybe if I see any of them, I can give them a swift kick in the pants, not that it would do much good. A friend’s son got drafted out of college for a major league football job, but after going for the introduction stuff and all, decided against it, saying he could not reconcile the culture with his own standards, or words to that effect. Yay, him. Money isn’t everything, but football players get paid obscene amounts, so letting your standards fall by the wayside has to be pretty common. Also, if you’re naturally a jackass, football seems the perfect place to be, since jackass-ery is encouraged, apparently.

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