Sad Jean is Sad

ImageTwo days ago I got into a big argument with someone over a (to me) unbelievably callous remark about the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  I wound up saying to this person that I thought their god (the Christian one, I am atheist) must be so proud, and did they really think that their attitude was what Jesus taught?  Today, I’m reading blogs and come across another incident of homophobic discrimination, this time by a bus driver against two men holding hands, and I wanted to say it again, to all those so-called Christians who actually seem to believe that Jesus and their god would condone and even approve of their behaviour.  Have they ever actually read the NEW Testament.  Have they ever seen/heard/read anything relating to the teachings of Jesus.  I think not.  I am appalled at the attitude of the person I had the argument with, even though they are usually compassionate and caring, and I am just sick and disgusted at the attitude of everyone who chooses to hate people based on things over which those people have no control.  You do NOT choose to be LGBT, anymore than you choose what color your eyes are at birth.  I had a really wonderful weekend, which I am sorry to say will probably always be colored by the one incident.  Everytime I remember the wonderfulness, I will remember the callousness, and I cannot tell you how sad that makes me. 

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