My, my

I did work today. Actual, real, work. Something I’ve not been able to do since it all went to hell the Monday after Thanksgiving. A long time to be in constant pain, let me tell you. So doctor wants me to cut back to 5mg Prednisone for the next month. I hope, hope, hope that this doesn’t make the good go away again. It is so great to actually be able to do something. My homemaker and I cleaned the bedroom, redid the bed’s many mattress components (futon mattress, another futon mattress, memory foam, feather bed.) Rearranged a couple of things. I am still standing, still have energy, still ready and able to do more. I cannot even tell you how great this feels. I will never be ‘normal’ again, but functional at any degree is….wow. I want to cook. I have several things in mind that I have all the ingredients for, but most of them involve the oven, and we are in a heat, humidity, bad air situation and I am NOT turning the oven on. The air conditioner has to work hard enough as it is. Oh, well. I am a happy camper today, people. Yes. Yes I am.

4 thoughts on “My, my

  1. I only talked to the nurse, and she didn’t say. They just don’t want me on it for too long, because the side effects are not a good thing. Neither is constant pain, however. If I get worse again, I will call them.

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