New Doctor

was a disaster.  I went for a physical.  I had exactly fifteen minutes.  No time to ask, answer questions, discuss my issues, or deal with the pain problem.  First I need to do preventive medicine things, like get a mammogram, and go back in a month.  Meanwhile, Pain?  Excuse me?  Going to get the blood work done, but then am NOT going back there.  She kept saying, ‘there isn’t time for this’.  Sorry, why am I here?  Why are you here? On the plus side, it’s really made me step up and recognize that my well-being is up to me, and if there is no fix for the pain, I need to find ways to live with it, because no one else can be bothered to help.  Angry, but determined.  I will not give in.  I will not give up.  I am a fighter, so I will fight.  But, damn, pain gets old fast.  Also, it hurts.

Update:  Here’s an interesting article I came across yesterday.  The author states very well what it’s like to live in constant pain that seems to have no cause and no cure.


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