It’s a Hurricane

We are bracing for it, but I think we are far enough north of landfall to not be in too much trouble.  High winds, mostly.  I am as prepared as I can be, so I just plan to enjoy the weather.  In Rhode Island, people are already being evacuated in anticipation, since tomorrow is a full moon high tide, which will make things much worse for coastal areas.

Last year in October, we had an unusual snowstorm.  Heavy, wet snow that squashed some of the trees across the street like someone was standing on them.  Lots of trees around town had to be cut down after.  Then we had a ‘no winter’ winter.  Global warming.  It lives.

I really hope that everyone in at-risk areas comes through okay.  It’s fun when you’re relatively safe, but when you’re not…    Some shelters don’t take pets, either, so what happens to them?  Remember Katrina?  Guess that’s it for now.  Need to fill up some containers with water, just in case.  Charging everything that needs charging, too.  I have my Kindle, so if power goes out, I can still read.  I have books, too, of course.  Real ones, but I love my Kindle.  🙂

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