Not So Slight, After All

Yesterday it all came back. The pain, the difficult breathing, all of it. Even my feet hurt. Took three aspirin and that helped, but not much. Awake til 5am because I just could not sleep. Much better today, however. Good, because today I saw the rheumatologist. Two hours. Part of that was the nurse asking me ten thousand questions, then waiting while the doctor read my files from my primary care doctor, then more than an hour of the doctor checking me over and asking me ten thousand more questions. Good doctor. Very good doctor. Turns out I do have pleursy, I might not have fibromyalgia, even though I’ve been tested several times and had all the tender points every time, but prednisone does not work on fibro, and I do not have any fibro pain since I’ve been on it. Weird. Of course, this means I could actually have one of the things they supposedly eliminated when I was first diagnosed fourteen years ago. Whatever. I feel better than I have felt in years. No pain, except the pleursy thing that is fine today, I can walk better, I can do things, I can pick up a chair and carry it instead of dragging it to where I want it. But, I now have more blood tests…they took five tubes today, and I am having an ultrasound of my heart. Back to the primary care Friday, back to the rheumatologist in a month. Also got a new med, because he wants me off the prednisone, since it causes bone thinning and other unpleasant side effects. But man, I want to stay pain-free. I want to keep feeling human. It’s been too long. Wait and see, don’t anticipate, take it as it comes. Works for me.

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