Oh, joy.

Turns out I may not have whatever they thought I have, and I have to now go to a rheumatologist.  My sed rate has gone back to normal, so I should be pain-free.  Is that hyphenated?  I don’t know.  But since I’m not pain-free, and had to up the Prednisone again, something else must be going on.  AND, (there’s always an ‘and’, or a ‘but’, isn’t there?) I may have to see an endocrinologist to figure out what’s going on with the potassium levels.  Well, I’ve been pretty healthy most of my life, so I guess I can’t complain.  But sheesh, I cannot catch a break.  Still having minor vertigo since I woke up Wednesday, but doctor says it could be caused by numerous things and to see if the Prednisone helps.  So far, not.

On the other hand, I reset my wireless modem to WEP, which is safer, and now I cannot connect my Roku to it.  I am NOT going back to cable.  I hate Comcast.  I don’t watch much tv anyway, but damn, why don’t things just work?  Why, I ask you?  Oh, you haven’t got a clue either?  Oh, well.  Later.

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