Well, hello there.

I have been absent for a while, I know. It’s been a difficult non-winter. Ever since the non-surgery, really. I’ve been struggling with pain, which leads to isolation, which leads to depression, which leads to ‘can’t think of one thing to say when I look at my blog’. So absent it was. I was. I think I am getting better, but I could be just having a better day (night). My sleep schedule is so screwed up it’s not even in the realm of controllable. I haven’t been out of the house in about three weeks. I did go downstairs and get my mail once. My life is soooo interesting.

Then there is the political climate in my country.  I find it very disturbing, and feel hopeless as far as doing anything about it.  Hate, prejudice, blame-the-victim, all seem to be running rampant in the discourse.  This is NOT a good sign.  No.  No it isn’t.  It is quite scary, when you think about it.  All the progress that’s been made in recent decades is teetering on the brink of being lost.  It makes me sad.

Okay, I guess I’m not actually any better, but if I have any readers left, I’m still here. Just having a hard time lately. Send me something cheerful in the comments. I need it. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Well, hello there.

  1. Cheerful….hmmm…oh, wheat/grain-free is going swimmingly!!! I feel fantastic, no aches or pains, getting thinner, even less hair in the drain in the morning! Himself is so impressed (and in such arthritic pain) that’s he’s taking baby-steps towards it, too. 🙂

    It’s been in the 80’s, everything is blooming, birds are everywhere…it’s gorgeous. 🙂

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