An Update, Sort Of

So I did not have surgery. I was all ready, even had the iv thingy in my hand and was just waiting to be moved to the O.R. when they came back with results of the last minute blood work and said my potassium levels had gone down instead of up and it was too dangerous to do surgery. My friend Tess had just left a few minutes earlier, and she was just walking in her front door when they called to tell her to come back and get me. Pretty funny. Was going to try for the next week, but decided to just postpone til the potassium gets sorted. Been getting better and can actually walk without the cane for a bit, so have now decided to put it off indefinitely. If whatever happened to my knee happens again, then I will reconsider.

The thing is, I have been completely exhausted ever since, so I can imagine how I would feel if I’d actually had the surgery. No wonder they say recovery takes longer with fibro/cfs. Sheesh.

Had to go for more blood work yesterday, then opted to go shopping with Tess for a bit. Grocery store and Benny’s. A bit painful, but fun. I haven’t really been out except for doctor/hospital stuff since September, I think. It was a gorgeous day, too.

On more of the plus side, the Saturday before the non-surgery, my friend Beth came up and completely reorganized my entire kitchen. Cupboards, drawers, everything. I am so keeping her. Tess, too. She has driven me to every single appointment. How lucky am I to have such great friends? Pretty lucky, I’d say. *smile*

So happy December, everyone. Today was the first day of meteorological winter in New England. I know cause Harvey Leonard told me so, along with lots of other weather info over the years he’s been on Boston tv. It’s all good.

Have to go feed the Gertrude now. She is getting pushy.

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