Just Stuff

The sinus infection seems to have made a return. The headache just never ends. Got an appointment for August 5th. A week? It’s thirty-three dollars round trip via taxi to my doctor’s so at least I have a week to make other arrangements. Like a closer doctor. Or Dial-A-Ride. I’ve had some really awful experiences with Dial-A-Ride, though, so haven’t used it in years. I cannot keep depending on a friend for everything though. I have to work at regaining my mobility and independence. Yes! YES I DO! Sheesh. Also, my eye is swollen and bloody and painful and has been since Tuesday. I am just a walking disaster area, it seems. Never a dull moment.

On the plus side, I haven’t been able to watch The Glades on AETV for whatever reason they are hating on me for, and Hulu only carries clips, so I bought the season pass on Amazon. This is great. Never done this before, but I can buy what I want cheap and I hate Comcast, so it’s win/win all around for me. I like The Glades. What can I say? LOL It’s all good.

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