This is looking good right about now. Yesterday’s temp was nearly 90 with a dewpoint of 73. Seventy-three!!

I’m not loving it. I have had the a/c on more this year than ever before, and it’s not looking good for open windows any time soon. There is an excessive heat watch for tomorrow into Friday, something we have never had before. Is the climate changing? What do you think?

For the second day in a row, I’ve woken up before six am. At least I was asleep before I woke up. LOL Not up all night, I mean. Anyway…yesterday I had to go back to bed around 10, and probably will again today. I only had about three hours sleep last night. My homemaker was back from vacation yesterday, and while I wasn’t sure she was coming over, I turned on the ringer on the bedroom phone, just in case. Good thing, cause I didn’t hear the door so she had tocall me to let her in. Glad she’s back. She’s really nice and fun. Fun is good.

Things I’m hoping to do today: clear out at least a shelf or two in the frig, prep the veg I bought the other day, cook something? Yeah, that’s all going to happen. But still, I’m hoping.

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