Or, I can’t think of a good title.  I have been feeling really awful for awhile, so much so that I had a complete meltdown the other day.  Virtually non-functional.  Well.  I woke up Tuesday with face pain.  My teeth hurt.  The roof of my mouth hurt.  Aha.  I know what this is.  Sinus infection.  None of the usual symptoms up to that point.  Called doctor, convinced them that there was no way I was functional enough to come to the office (true.  very true.) so got an antibiotic prescribed.  My friend Tess picked it up for me Wednesday, and I am already better.  Amazing how something like that can throw the CFS into overdrive.  At this point, I am sleeping a few hours, being awake a few, sleeping again.

Last time this happened I had bursitis in my shoulder and for six weeks, I could only stay awake for about two hours at a time.  Non-functional R Us.  Interesting illness.  Sucky, but interesting.

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