We had some last night, and more predicted for tonight. Severe thunderstorms. Makes me think ‘tornado’ now, where it never did before. Scary.

It’s been hot and sticky since Tuesday night. Supposed to reach 99 today. Ninety-nine. Degrees. Fahrenheit. This is the second Bad Air Warning day, too. Not that unusual, but 99 degrees is. Three cheers for whoever invented air-c0nditioning.

I’ve unplugged just about everything, not only to avoid lightning damage, but also in hopes of keeping the power going. I know most people just go ahead and run everything, even if it does strain the power grid, but with no a/c, it would be pretty miserable, so I’m doing my (miniscule) part.

Slept all day yesterday due to pain and being up most of the night before. Got up at 6pm, so have been up all night. I read, watched White Collar on Hulu, read some more, took a shower, got dressed, read some more. Yes, I like to read. It doesn’t hurt or exhaust me. It’s a good thing. I downloaded the free Amazon Kindle for PC. There are a lot of free books for it from Amazon and other places, so I have a bunch saved to read. To buy a book doesn’t cost nearly as much as an actual book, either, and no clutter.

Gertrude is hiding, as usual. She was out, but heard some thunder and under the bed she went. My essential calming oil hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m hoping it will help. I’m going to just let her sniff it at first, to see if she has any kind of bad reaction. Cats can be allergic to things, too, so best to be cautious. That’s it for now. BAck to your regular programming.

2 thoughts on “>Thunderstorms

  1. >I love to read, but will never get a Kindle. No. I want a book in my hands, not another electronic device. Plus I notice I'm impatient w/ long articles online, but give me a 900 page book & I'll read for hours. Just call me a Book Luddite. ;)And Google isn't recognizing my acct anymore, so I'm back to the usual way. 🙂

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