I know I haven’t posted in a while. Just haven’t had anything to say, really. I had some good days interspersed over a week, then a lot more pain mixed with a few less pain days, and in general I’ve been kind of in a funk. It’s spring, and life is passing me by. Of course, life is always passing me by, but it’s spring. I want to participate.

Had some laptop issues, yet again, and I could not fix them. Nothing I tried worked. So I moved everything to Dropbox and did a restore to factory settings, which is pretty neat. I didn’t even know you could do that, but I was looking around for solutions and came across it. Apparently, Dell has a partiton with the original settings and you just follow the directions and Damn, there it is, good as new. I love this stuff. Of course there were 73 Windows updates, but it didn’t take THAT long. LOL So now I am slowly adding back my stuff: Amazon Kindle, Winamp, VLC, and putting back my pictures and things from Dropbox. Playing on the computer is about the only thing I do that doesn’t hurt or wear me out.

I think the trees across the street are going to open their blooms tomorrow or the next day. My favorite part of spring.

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