>Happy Brain is Happy

Saw doctor yesterday for the followup. Blood pressure down considerably, gave more blood to check thyroid levels, discussed leg pain and what to do about it. Getting a stronger pain med. Yay. He thinks the pain in my lower leg and foot is unrelated to the knee arthritis, but instead is caused by the sciatic nerve. Can do more in depth tests, but I’m not up for that right now. Also will see orthopedic surgeon down the line for knee evaluation.

I told him that for ten years I’ve been telling my doctors that there is something with my thyroid, and he is the first one who did not continually dismiss me. As a result of him listening, I am now noticeably, demonstrably better. My brain works. I have mental energy and a bit of physical energy. He was a little taken aback that I specifically thanked him for listening and acting on my concerns. He high-fived me, which was kind of cute. I guess I’ll keep him. LOL

Feeling crappy today, but unrelated to illness. And my brain works. I am not a lethargic blob on the couch anymore. I am happy.

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