>Discussion With Myself

Since nobody ever comments. Duh! Anyway….invited to my friend’s for the weekend. Great. Love my friends, love to hang out with them, steak on the grill, new house, snow. It’s all good. So why does it cause anxiety? Getting up, getting presentable, remembering what to take, what about the cat, etc.

But I WANT to go. I want to have fun and get away from this box of a flat for a bit. So today, I wake up with full body pain. The issue that is open for discussion is this:

Is the pain my body’s way of saying, “Oh, fun. Can’t have that, now can we?” or is it my psyche’s way of saying, “Oh, anxiety. Too much stress and anxiety is bad. Let’s have some pain so we don’t have to do the scary thing.”

Read a book about the whole ‘pain is your body’s way of protecting you from anxiety and stress’. But is it? I don’t know. What do you do when these issues come up, ‘want to do something, causes stress and anxiety though, so….’

I’d really love if someone with experience with this would comment. Please?

UPDATE: Third option. Coincidence?

4 thoughts on “>Discussion With Myself

  1. >Friend. When I want to perform operations of fun with my friends only have to have on hand my vicodin I prescribed the doctor to control chronic pain. But I recommend to use it you to visit to your medical poprque mention Findrxonline that this prescription drug has side effects which can be dangerous.

  2. >Fibro, as I've mentioned before, is in part due to the body's reaction to stress (and is brought on by extreme stress)…so your body isn't saying, "No, don't have fun", it's saying, "Chill. Breathe deep, think of the fun, and yeah…CHILL so that we CAN have fun!"

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