>Two Things

I cannot remember to tag things. Duh! Here’s a couple of links I came across while eating breakfast:

Some good information here:


This one. It’s great to spew hate and incite people to violence, but when they follow through…well, that’s another story. I cannot understand Republicans, or why they are so full of hate and venom. Here’s the link:


Sure they weren’t. I believe it. Thousands wouldn’t. These people creep me out. Some of them have even said something similar should happen to our President. Shouldn’t they be arrested for that? I mean I understand free speech and all, but aren’t there issues of treason and such? America, I am so disillusioned with you. Here’s something I’ve said before:

‘ “there’s a huge contrast in the media. Listen to Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann, and you’ll hear a lot of caustic remarks and mockery aimed at Republicans, [not] jokes about shooting government officials or beheading a journalist . . . Listen to Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, and you will.” Krugman


EDIT: Okay, so it’s three things or mucho posts as I sit here. Not using my newfound energy. Anyway, I use and love Dropbox. Came across this, which is without a doubt the best answer EVER:

“Why is Dropbox more popular than other tools with similar functionality? E.g. Windows Live Sync, etc, which are free.

Well, let’s take a step back and think about the sync problem and what the ideal solution for it would do:

* There would be a folder.
* You’d put your stuff in it.
* It would sync.

They built that.”

You could just stop there for the perfect answer, but it goes on:

“Why didn’t anyone else build that? I have no idea.

“But,” you may ask, “so much more you could do! What about task management, calendaring, customized dashboards, virtual white boarding. More than just folders and files!”

No, shut up. People don’t use that crap. They just want a folder. A folder that syncs.

“But,” you may say, “this is valuable data…certainly users will feel more comfortable tying their data to Windows Live, Apple Mobile Me, or a name they already know.

No, shut up. Not a single person on Earth wakes up in the morning worried about deriving more value from their Windows Live login. People already trust folders. And Dropbox looks just like a folder. One that syncs.

“But,” you may say, “folders are so 1995. why not leverage the full power of the web? With HTML 5 you can drag and drop files, you can build intergalactic dashboards of stats showing how much storage you are using, you can publish your files as RSS feeds and tweets, and you can add your company logo!

No, shut up. Most of the world doesn’t sit in front of their browser all day. If they do, it is IE 6 at work that they are not allowed to upgrade. Browsers suck for these kinds of things. Their stuff is already in folders. They just want a folder. That syncs.

That is what it does.”

It’s from here: http://www.quora.com/Dropbox/Why-is-Dropbox-more-popular-than-other-tools-with-similar-functionality

Okay, this post is officially done. Srsly. I’m getting up now to vacuum the kitchen. Honest. Really. Srsly, I am.

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