I remember that day. I was washing dishes when my mom called to tell me. Turned on the tv, and life seemed to just stop for the next three days. Walter Cronkite and the other news anchors telling us the horrific news that he was gone, Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK Jr saluting, the riderless horse, the long walk to the cemetery. It was like nothing else existed. I still remember, every time I hear the Presidential intro music. I forget what it’s called. It was like all hope died. All the promise of the future just stopped, right there in that moment. It’s something you never forget, and never really get over.

I remember that Jackie conducted herself with such grace, such concern for protocol, such strength at probably the worst time in her life. She had only recently lost a baby who had been born prematurely. She was a role model for all of us then.

Unfortunately, the future did just keep getting worse from then on, until now here we are with morons and religious fanatics holding back any progress we could be making towards equal rights and living wages, and taking care of those less fortunate. It’s a sad day, in more ways than one.

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