>The Veep

>I admit, I like Joe Biden. He gets a lot of undeserved flak, I think. Here’s his ‘It Gets Better’ vid.

I had a good day. Went to the post office. The second day in a row I haven’t been in too much pain to do the stairs there. Feeling pretty good, actually. Headache still, and slight dizzyness off and on. Sinus problems, most likely. I spent most of the day trying to fix my desktop pc, but nooooooo. It does not want to cooperate. I tried everything, reinstalled everything, even called Verizon. No help there. It just will not connect. It works fine in every other way. I am stumped. Stumped, I tell you. I’m hoping I can scrape up enough wherewithall to spring for a new tower before the morons who are now trying to take away the social security I live on succeed. While giving themselves and their rich friends even more money they don’t need and certainly don’t deserve. I hope all the idiots who voted them in get to suffer the consequences of their actions soon enough for it to sink in what they did. I hope. /rant

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