>An Interesting Development

I have been invited to have my blog syndicated here:


Now, I know my blog says it is about life with fibro, but in reality it’s more about religion and politics and just ranting in general. Of course, if I hadn’t developed fibro and CFS, I seriously doubt I would have started blogging in the first place. So if this works out, I will make an effort to post a bit more about the illness part of life, (and not just to whinge about it, either) and we’ll see how it goes.

I realize I don’t really like talking about it too much, or focusing on it, because I am NOT my illness, and I don’t want that to be the definition of who I am. I am a person who has an illness. It is not MY fibro, MY CFS, it’s not how I identify myself to myself.

I’m not one of those people who go from doctor to doctor, or medication to medication, hoping for a miraculous cure. Everything I’ve read says there isn’t one yet, and I am not going to waste my life in a futile quest. I accept that I am ill, I accept that I have limits that I did not have before, but I don’t focus on that. I focus on…truthfully, this is the focus of my life…..having fun every single day. Laughing every day.

I firmly believe that NOW is all there is, and if I spend NOW wishing things were other than they are, trying to make them be other than they are with no real hope of success…if I do those things, I will MISS now. Not going to let that happen. I study zen Buddhism, in a completely non-religious way, and focusing on the now is a primary idea.

Oh, dear. Did not sleep at all last night so have been up 36 hours or so. Can you tell? I do tend to go on a bit when I’m over-tired. LOL Later, dear readers.

2 thoughts on “>An Interesting Development

  1. >Thanks. I'd rather not have it, but I guess if writing about it gives someone a little boost, then some good comes out of it. Good comes from everything, if you just let yourself see it, is what I always say. yomama

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