>New England, Love it or…..

>love it more. Yesterday morning I turned on my fake fireplace to take off the chill. By last night, I had opened the windows. Tonight, it is around 75 degrees in here, and it was in the high 70’s outside today. We could be frozen solid by Halloween. It’s happened before. What’s not to love about here?

I’ve had a good day, in spite of not sleeping well, and being in a complete daze when I got up at 10am. Made coffee and instant oatmeal, ate and drank, sat on couch in the same daze til 11:30 when I decided I really should get dressed before my homemaker came at noon. Did so, sat in daze til she got here, and slowly, slowly, brain kicked in. Turned out to be fun while she was here, and then I did some paperwork and messed about on the still not connected pc. I downloaded all my vids onto it and am playing them while I sit here messing about on the laptop. Yes, a good day.

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