>Interesting day

>When I fired up the ole pc this morning, it said I had no internet connection. It was acting wonky Saturday, so I unplugged it. My friend had called me with the same problem that day. I went through the rigamarol thought I had it sorted, but then it wouldn’t boot up, just hung on the Windows is Loading part. Tried everything. Nothing worked. Finally decided to do a format and reinstall. I love messing about with stuff like that. Did that. Loaded all the discs. Everything works, except not I cannot find the modem. I set it up and nothing. I will figure this out. Yes. Yes, I will.

So I went to check On Demand when my homemaker was telling me about something on it, and no On Demand. Tried again later. Still no On Demand. Called. Unplug it, they said. Did, for about an hour. Plugged it back in but haven’t checked it yet.

Is it bad vibes day in New England, or what? Anyway, I love a challenge, so it’s a good/bad thing, I guess. LOL

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