>It Is Self-Pitying Rant Day

>At the old homestead. It is gray and cool, with a north breeze coming in my windows. Not ranting about that. Ranting about the darn CFS, life in general, feeling like crap stuff.

Slept ten or eleven hours last night, in a daze this afternoon, with not enough energy to scramble an egg to eat for….what’s a good word for breakfast eaten at 2pm? Too late to be called brunch. I know I should eat after I get up, but I’m usually too foggy to even decide what to eat, let along dump the cereal in the bowl and pour on the milk once I decide to fall back on that bowl of cereal, as usual. Some really healthy but yucky stuff Amazon mistakenly sent me instead of what I wanted. Twice. Twelve boxes of yucky but healthy. Oh, joy.

I’ve been more ill than usual since my day out, so the house is a mess, the guys are coming sometime starting Friday to prep the central heating for winter. I’ve lost my friend Jukka yet again, my friend Tess has been incapacitated with a bad back for weeks, and my friends Beth and John are moving an hour away. Woe is me.

Whine, whine, whine, along with a good dose of moan and groan thrown in. It is what it is, right? I just have to get through it. Rats. Feeling sad.

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