>Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

>Video below. Why have I become so interested in gay rights, I ask myself. I’ve always believed that discrimination is wrong, denial of equal rights is wrong, but I’ve never been outspoken about it. Til Torchwood. Torchwood made me care enough to post the things I’ve posted. Seasons one and two presented a world very different than the one we live in. A world where it didn’t matter to anyone who you loved or who you shagged. (Not being British, ‘shagged’ and variations of the word always make me laugh. Yes, I am sick.) Up until COE, when the homophobia emerged, fueled I think by the self-hatred or hubris of RTD. I’m not sure which. Anyway, it seems to me that people should stand up for what is right. Not what is religiously correct, or what is politically correct, but what is just common-sensibly right. (Hey, did I make up a new word?) The cost to ourselves from our own prejudices is enormous, and unfortunately a lot of us cannot see that. Here’s an example:

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