>Muggy, muggy, muggy. Even with the a/c on all night, it is very, very humid in here. On the other hand, so far, I’m feeling okay today. Slept all afternoon yesterday. Tired was Us. Then slept a few hours last night on the couch. So I am up early (for me) waiting for a delivery. Excitement! I don’t really buy stuff very often, but when I do I use Amazon or Overstock.com and go for free shipping. I like free shipping. Sometimes shipping costs are more than the actual item. I’m not paying that. Eating my yogurt, made coffee in my little vacuum pot, and playing on here. It’s a good start. I think my friend Tess is coming over later to view my purchase, too. If it just wasn’t MUGGY! Oh, I really do not love muggy, although apparently there are some very odd people who do. What is wrong with them?

Upping my meds has helped. I have been feeling much better. Less pain is always good. It means I’m not as worn out from coping with it, my mood is better from not having to cope with it, I can do more, it’s all good. Pain affects every aspect of life. In ways you may not even be aware of at the time. Only when it’s better can you look back and see those subtle effects. Ah, well. Time for that coffee.

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