>Good Morning, Internet


This is a Boston webcam. Actually, I think it’s Hull, but I’m not sure. It’s from a few days ago.

Here’s one from today that actually shows Boston. It’s supposed to snow tonight, maybe.

I am having yet another foggy day. In a daze. Days in a daze. LOL But otherwise good. Interesting. I remember this from before. I would have either pain or fatigue and fog, but not both together. Then things got weird with more zoloft. I am remembering what I was like when I first got this fibro/cfs thing. It’s doable. I can cope with this, so far anyway. Daze can be fun. Sort of.

Went out yesterday with a friend. It was a gorgeous spring-like day. No coat necessary. We shopped, had a cappuccino at Borders, and went for a little ride. I never get to go for rides anymore…you know, just pile in the car and take off with no destination in mind….so it was very pleasant. Homemaker comes today, so that will be fun, too. Have a lovely day, everyone. Or night, depending on where you are.

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