>Not A Great Day

>Didn’t sleep well last night due to leg pain, so dozed on couch and watched tv most of the day. I’m going to see if I can renegotiate my cable package to get back the science channel and nat geo. There is nothing on tv during the day worth watching. I did watch Countdown and Rachel Maddow last night where they had clips from the Pres. talking to the Republicans. The man is freaking brilliant. He can call up facts like Clinton, but even better, he just nails them with the half-truths and out-right lies they try to foist on their sheep…er, followers…out in the heartland. Probably none of them watched it, though. Like I won’t watch Bill O’ or Beck or Fox News. One thing about Fox News though, I do like Shepard Smith. He seems to not just spout the party line all the time, at least the few times I’ve caught a bit of his show. I thought he did a really excellent job during the whole 9/11 crises and have checked him out off and on ever since. So one good thing about Fox News. I’ve also met and conversed with Carl Cameron, who I’m not sure is still on Fox. Smart and articulate guy. Who’d a thought I’d have good things to say about Fox News?

It’s winter. It’s cold. I’m grouchy and I am feeling yet again so freaking tired of feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. Can somebody please fix me? Please?

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