>Just Another Sunday

Computer kept freezing up, no idea why. Finally working now.

New Chuck. Yes! And more tomorrow night. I do like Chuck.

Watching “The Plan” about Galactica. So so, so far.

It is cold. 15 degrees fahrenheit, supposed to get down to 8. Did I move to Siberia and forgot about it?

Finally had a decent night’s sleep last night, and then fell asleep on the couch this afternoon for about two hours. I wish I could get this sleep thing figured out, but after this long, it’s not looking good. How do other people with this illness do it? Anyone?

Spent about an hour rubbing Gertrude’s tummy earlier. She is back to skittish and hiding most of the time, but she curled up next to me while I was reading fan fiction on the netbook, and let me rub her tummy. She really loves that, but is usually just too nervous. Poor thing. Maybe she needs tranquilizers.

That’s about it. It’s freezing cold, dreary, let’s go into hibernation winter. Not much excitment.

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