>Those Links

I did a quick scroll back through and listed the ones that still need fixing. Once they’re done, if you ever get curious (for curious read ‘desperate for something to do’) and read back, you’ll see that my life is a roller-coaster. Pain, no pain: I cooked, I can’t cook: the black hole is circling, I feel great; my brain is working, “What was I just talking about?”; sleeping fine, can’t sleep. It’s a never-ending rotation with this illness. It’s kind of good to look back and see that whatever is going on at the moment has more than likely gone on before and will change to something else soon. Not so great if what’s going on is good, eagerly awaiting change if what’s going on is pain and sleeplessness and black hole-circling. Live in the moment is my mantra. It’s the only way to get through it, and I’ve found over time that I’m actually much happier over-all through living in the moment. Much less stress and pressure. Something to keep in mind.

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