>Not The Greatest Picture Ever

Even though I was tired and pained and foggy when I got up, I managed to get some actual work done today. A bit at a time. I cleaned around the windows, since the super is coming tomorrow to see about caulking them so I don’t freeze to death; I cleared out under the sink, put in some nice plastic-y shelf lining, and rearranged my tools and cleaning stuff under there; took out the stove drawer to retrieve my favorite skillet that had slipped behind, vacuumed there, finding also two cat toys, put the drawer back by myself, which I couldn’t do last time, and rearranged the skillet and baking pans; moved the box of videos away from the window where it was resting while I figure out where to put them; and I guess that’s about it. Had leftover Chinese food for breakfast and dinner. I do love leftover Chinese food. So all-in-all, I would say it was a good day, and I am happy.

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