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I finally figured out where to change the width. Outer-wrapper in the ‘edit html’ window. Yay, me.

Finally up at a decent hour, 9am. It is snowing and everything is coated in white. Very pretty, but my weather update tells me it’s going to change to rain soon. It’s 33 degrees farenheit. Ice, anyone?

Feeling good today. Woke up in a good mood and not in pain. First time since a week and a half ago, when I had a really good Sunday. Was feeling kind of sad before yesterday, and I realized that the more people I actually know in real life read my blog, the more reluctant I am to get into my feelings. I think it’s because I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, or think they need to ‘fix’ me, or do anything at all, actually, except maybe give me an encouraging word. So I am going to try to ignore that reluctance, because it kind of defeats the purpose of the blog.

So day before yesterday, after a week of feeling lousy and missing the Thanksgiving celebration, I was not in the best frame of mind anyway, and then suddenly I realized that the black hole was circling. Kind of scary, except that I can be aware of it now, and not just let it happen. Then yesterday I had a foggy but fun time when my homemaker was here. Set up an email address for her. I think she may be the last person left who didn’t have one. Talked and laughed while she worked. Helped. A lot. So today….good mood, feeling better. Life is good.

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