>Jury Duty/Madmen

>If you don’t watch Madmen, what is wrong with you? Kidding, just kidding. Last night’s season finale was the best episode yet of a show that was already unbelievably well written and acted. Jon Hamm is so good at displaying the dark side, the soft side, the ruthless side, the uncertain side (yes, I know that’s a lot of sides, folks). It is a pleasure to watch him. The rest of the cast are just as amazing. Check out this show if you haven’t seen it before. You won’t be sorry.

On the other issue, I have been called again for jury duty. Now, I would love to do my civic duty and sit on a jury. Unless of course it was a gory murder with pictures. But I think it would be fascinating to see how the justice system really works, as opposed to how we think it works from watching tv. If I were well, I would do this without a second thought. But since I am not well, I need a letter from my doctor. I had one last time I was called, and I thought it was a permanent disqualifying letter, but apparently not. New doctor now, and I’ve only seen him twice, so I hope this doesn’t become a big deal. I get tired. I get stressed. When I am tired and/or stressed, I cannot think well. I cannot remember things. It would be wrong to put me in a position of deciding on someone else’s guilt or innocence if my brain is not working well. I hope my doctor gets this. I need to call him tomorrow and get this sorted out.

I spent my whole life not being called for jury duty, and now I have been called twice since I became ill. What’s that about?

2 thoughts on “>Jury Duty/Madmen

  1. I watched LA Law all those years ago and decided the American legal system must be the coolest there is out there, simply because I admired how lawyers could present their case to a group as opposed to just a judge here in South Africa. But over the years I have come to appreciate that sometimes a jury system is open to all sorts of manipulation in how a jury is picked. People still get wrongfully convicted with a jury, so I guess no one system is better than another.

  2. Anything involving humans is subject to manipulation, bribery, coercion, you name it, but overall it seems like one of the better ways to deal with such things. I think there’s probably less chance of things being ‘fixed’ with twelve people instead of one or two, but I could be wrong about that.

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