>One More

>I think this means I didn’t really do all that well. As with everything in my life, I learned too little, too late. Good thing I don’t care anymore.

Your result for The Useful Relationship Skills Test…

The Catch

85% Knowledgeable!

Wow… none too shabby, hot stuff! The test probably wasn’t all that easy, but you showed some solid efforts (perseverance is an excellent trait in a partner).

There’s always something we could be doing better. Don’t rest on your laurels: build on your current awareness and skills to become an even BETTER partner and fulfilled person.

There’s always so much depth and complexity to people & the way we’re wired. Dig deeper. Take another look at your test results, and be inspired to research concepts of communication, responsibility, and fighting fair… or anything else you think might make your relationships really zing.

Human beings are very complex systems. There’s a lot to learn, not just about relating, but of oneself. Being in a good relationship improves one’s longevity and health. You owe it to yourself to find out more!

Take The Useful Relationship Skills Test at HelloQuizzy

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