>I just watched this, for two reasons: 1. Nothing else on 2. I liked Jonny Lee Miller in Eli Stone, and wanted to see if I would like him in something else. I did. I wasn’t going to watch it based on a couple of reviews I read, but I’m glad I did. It could have been dull and boring…..it was mainly about a group of men sitting around a table discussing how to end apartheid…..but instead, it was riveting. The writing, the acting, the directing made this a show that kept me on the edge of my seat. What goes on behind closed doors when good men who start out distrustful and even afraid of one another but slowly come to realize that they are the same, and working for the same goals, albeit in very different ways at the start. The evil that some men do in order to gain and keep power. In this instance, the good men won out. At the end, when Nelson Mandela made his first public appearance after 27 years of prison, they all looked like they wanted to jump up and down with excitement, and so did I. That is a good show, made more so because it was true. I recommend this, says the first-time television critic. *very big grin*

3 thoughts on “>Endgame

  1. I remember looking at Nelson Mandela’s first public picture all those years ago and thinking the look on his face didn’t display joy at being in the picture. I had no idea at the time how many people had been falling over themselves to make the moment happen. I really cannot say if it was Endgame that I watched that cleared this up for me, but it sure seems like it was.

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