>It’s been a good day.

>I was able to get out with a friend and do a bit of shopping and browsing, had a coolatta and played Big Kahuna on here. I can tell I will not be able to do more than hobble once I have been still for awhile, but having fun is so worth it. Pain and fatigue as a result of doing something fun is so much easier to deal with than pain and fatigue that just happen for no known reason. I know what I’ve done to cause the former, and was willing to make the trade-off. It makes a difference. It is very cool and spit rain off and on, and the air is really, really damp.

We went to Walmart, which is in the process of building more in order to become a super Walmart with groceries and all. It was awful. Why would you choose to walk what seems like miles from one end of a store to the other just to find the few things you might need. It is stale recirculated air, too. Very unpleasant to be in. I am not one who thinks bigger is necessarily better, or that one-stop shopping is a good thing. Friend and I agreed that we will go only when we have something specific to get. No more browsing for the fun of it. Huge, cavernous stores are not really all that appealing.

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