Wow! I had a visitor from Finland. I’ve also had one from Israel and one from India. Now if only some of you would comment. I know it’s not the most interesting or informative blog out there, but still…………It would be nice to get to know some of you who have viewed these pages. *smile* I started this just as a way to write down what was on my mind here and there, but as I’ve read more blogs, I’ve really started to enjoy being ‘out there’. I read a lot of blogs with information on any number of things, but this is more just a ‘here is a small window on my journey through life with an illness, and whatever rambling thoughts pop into my head along the way’ kind of blog. It’s fun, even if no one reads or comments. It gives me an outlet for my feelings, and helps me keep a more upbeat outlook, cause I don’t really want to be too depressing if anyone comes across this. Illness is hard, but life is still good and very worth living. I laugh every day, even if it’s just at LOLCats. So if anyone out there wants to just jump in and say ‘hi’, it would certainly be a highlight of my day.

5 thoughts on “>Visitors

  1. I’ve had a look at your Flag count, I think even though people don’t comment as much as you would want them to, you have a ‘readership’. For me, sometimes just knowing that someone read something I wrote is enough. I really like that you keep such a positive outlook when you have a million and one reasons to be negative.

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