>Was up late, but woke up at eight again. Up, showered, coffeed, sitting here. I need to eat something. It’s another wet gray day, which is infinitely better than hot and sticky. As I backed up this blog, I read the posts and it seemed like a lot of moaning and groaning, but then I remembered. It’s a blog about living with fibro/chronic fatigue, and I describe how I feel and what I do. So it’s not moaning and groaning, it’s imparting information. LOL Still no A/C guy, so I am giving up and putting stuff back in the closet. It’s been ten days. Slept in the bedroom last night, and slept well. I like that I have choices now. I can sleep on the couch or the futon, depending on my mood. Gertrude still sits on the crossword book, no matter where I sleep. She is a funny kitty. I ordered some herbs very late last night. Staying up late seems to kick in my shopping gene. Not a good thing. That’s when I bouoght the couch and the futon. Late at night. Oh, I’m tired, it seems. Better eat before I find myself back in bed.

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