>It was a very good day

My friends came over and put together the futon frame, then John and I watched ‘Twilight’ which he brought with him, also the ‘making of’ DVD. He had given me the book to read and I liked it, so he wanted me to see the movie, which I also liked. I would never have read or watched this cause it looked lame in the ads, but I did enjoy both. I couldn’t help thinking ‘I want to drink your blood’ all through the reading and the watching, but that didn’t spoil it for me. Beth played Mahjong Quest the whole time. We ordered pizza and salad, they had brought beer and wine, and we had a really nice evening. John is fun to watch movies with. We kept pausing and rewinding to discuss this or that happening in the film. It was pretty funny, and fun.

To cap it off, as I was sitting here a few minutes ago, Gertrude the Invisible Cat jumped up on the desk and sat down between me and the keyboard. A lifetime first for her. The girl is coming out of her shell. It’s about time. In cat years, she is 61, almost as old as I am. I was quite surprised, but really glad she finally feels comfortable enough with me to do that. I’ve only had her for five or maybe six years, I forget. *smile*

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