>Snow (More)

>It snowed a lot more today. Guess it really is winter. It’s only a few days til Christmas, so we’ll be having a white one this year for certain. Doesn’t feel very Christmas-y, probably since I’ve done nothing at all about it this year. No decorations, no tree, no cards, no presents. Nothing. Up until the last few days I was just too tired and draggy, and then it seemed to late to do anything anyway. It’s depressing. I’ve been getting flashbacks of Christmases when the kids were little, and it kind of makes me sad. I like living alone, but sometimes it would be really great to have family around. Something to look forward to, something to hope for, something to plan for. I’m tired tonight, and I think it makes me kind of maudlin. I had a pretty good day. I figured out that Friday I had, in addition to my morning coffee, three extra strength Excedrins, so I overdosed on caffeine. No wonder I didn’t sleep well. No wonder I’ve been having problems. I had been taking 2 excedrin every night when I went to bed. I’ve switched to Ibuprofen, but have to be careful with that or it does a number on my stomach. Of course, I don’t sleep at all well if I don’t take any pain pills, so it’s a catch-22 kind of thing. Anyway, the snow is pretty.

1 thought on “>Snow (More)

  1. >I know what you mean…Christmas just isn’t Christmas anymore. 😦 We don’t even have a tree, and Brian and I stopped having one after Tom moved out. Now it’s just another day. *sigh*

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