>Oh, I figured it out!

>If I use Blogger dashboard, no link for pictures, if I go through my blog, link. Hmmmm.

So far today (today started at 1:30 am) I have had a lovely bath, spent some time trying to untangle my hair which never gets tangled but is severely tangled today, made simple syrup, made pesto with my home-grown basil and parsley, and messed about on the computer for way, way too long. I was hoping to go out, but friend Tess is not feeling well. If I get really enthusiastic, I may go to the post office. It is a lovely and warm day. Almost 60 degrees. Love it!

I am listening to that Christmas music from my previous post. I got that link from Projo Subterranean Homepage News, a blog in the Providence Journal, Projo.com. Old-fashioned music, but interesting.

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