>My Sunday

>The dratted picture-adding link has disappeared again. Why is that? Anyway, my new list has 21 items, and I managed to do 11 of them, and will do two more before bed: clean the kitchen, and take meds, get ready for bed. Yes, my list is detailed, that way I get to mark off a lot, even if I’m not managing well. For instance, from stretching before I get out of bed to being fully dressed, hair combed, and curtains opened there are four more items. Hey, I’m not in ‘flying with fibro’ for nothing, folks. LOL So even though I was really tired today, and my arm is having some serious hurting from the bursitis, I still feel like I accomplished quite a bit for me. Some days, actually getting out of bed is my only accomplishment. And getting back in. It’s still cold and now it’s windy, but stopped snowing around noon, I think. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to 48. I love New England. Later

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