I  voted today.  I went to the town hall which is only across the street and did an absentee ballot, since I can’t guarantee I’ll be feeling well enough to get to the polling place on the actual day.  So I’ve done my duty, and I really hope my guy gets in.  We need change.  Not ‘same old, same old’ fake change, but real change.  They are scaring me anyway with all the hate and fear they are fomenting.  They think that is good for the country?  Really? 

It was drizzly and chilly, but that’s my kind of weather, so I enjoyed being out.  Walking hurt, even though I’d taken three extra strength Excedrins earlier.  I need to do something to get my muscles back.  I lost my muscle strength when I got sick, and even though I’ve tried here and there to exercise, it always causes me to get worse for a while.  Sucky illness.  🙂

3 thoughts on “>VOTE!

  1. >There is much political talk at work…I’m sure it’s obvious which way everyone is voting…and one day one of our readers was going on and on and I avoided any answers. She sent me an email later and I replied that I was brought up that while politics themselves were discussed, WHO each parent was voting for was totally and completely personal and that’s how I’ve lived my life (that’s how I remember things being, I may be wrong *L*). She totally apologized. We had a button at work that said, “My politics are slightly left of none-of-your-business”. *L*

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