>It’s definitely autumn.  The chill has arrived.  Today was cool, breezy, lots of sunshine, lovely.  Went out with my friend Tess to Walmart to stock up on some items, then back to her house to play with her dog.  Poor doggie has allergies and has been chewing on her feet, so vet prescribed a shot and Prednisone.  No, No, No.  This is not the same little doggie.  No playfulness, no energy, no nothing.  It’s very hard on Tess, and she feels responsible.  I blame the vet for prescribing such a heavy drug for a 14 pound dog with an annoying, not health-threatening condition.  Fortunately, Misty is only on this for a short time, so we’re hoping she bounces back to her old (bouncy) self.  Poor baby.  Poor Tess. 

I am doing pretty well.  The melatonin is helping, even if sporadically, and today I got my scrip for the Zanaflex which almost always works and works well.  So I have two options every day.  Sleep is good.  Not being able to get to sleep is not good.  Sleeping for twelve or more hours at a time is also not good.

I cooked yesterday.  Yes.  Me.  I cooked.  It was very stressful and tiring and painful, but except for that was an easy dish and came out really well.  Chicken breasts, artichoke hearts, potatoes, Parmesan.  Yum.  Happy Fall.

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