>I did a lot of computer-cleaning over the past few days, including my pictures folders  Was concerned that I messed up the blog, but the pictures are right there where they should be.

It’s been a good week. Saw and liked the new doctor on Monday, had some dental work done on Tuesday.  Not only did I remain pain free from the work, and did not go into a flare, I actually had a really good productive day Wednesday.  I am surprised, but very happily.

It is raining.  Just a brief shower, one of several today.  Except for the humidity, it has been almost fall-like this month.  Cool, lots of clouds, lots of rain.  Really lovely, lovely weather, and completely uusual for August.  I am NOT complaining.

I find that the longer it’s been since my Simon died, the sadder I am.  I really miss the little bugger.
Gertrude is blooming, but slowly, and she does not have his personality at all.  I miss him.  Darn it!!

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