I got a new cat at the shelter today. Jasmine. She is a very pretty gray, but just as timid as Gertrude. What was I thinking? She is affectionate, though, in a ‘yes I’m scared but you can scratch my ear anyway’ kind of manner. Gertrude is jealous and sat on my lap for two whole hours and even let me comb her really well. Going to be interesting. The first thing they did after we brought Jasmine home and I chased Gertrude out of the bedroom was hide. Is that not cute?

4 thoughts on “>Jasmine

  1. >Give her some time; she’s probably still wondering what the hell happened to her original home, never mind what she was doing in that cage surrounded by all those other cats and now this. I had one hide behind a dresser for a couple days. In a space you’d never have thought anything but a bug could fit in. *L*

  2. >So far today Gertrude was on the bed when I woke up (she usually is), I saw her go into the kitchen a bit later, haven’t seen either cat since, so haven’t seen Jasmine since I went to bed. I wanted a companion, not another invisible cat. Feeling frustrated.

  3. >I enticed her out of her hiding place and she went bonkers, rubbing my legs and feet like mad. Went into the bathroom (hope she used the litter box) and now is sitting in the window looking at the traffic. YES!!!!

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