Finally had a decent day. Not foggy or sleepy or exhausted. Friend came over, we played Luxor and went to Walmart where I stocked up on the food my cats like. The more expensive brand, of course, but it doesn’t smell terrible and is made from real food. Not too cold today, either, but gray and looks like a storm is coming.

Hoping to have some energy tomorrow to get some of this mess cleared up. My new good homemaker is coming Thursday. The old one cancelled for the third week in a row, and I specifically asked for this one as she has done a good job when filling in. So I am happy.

Got my book in the mail. It’s a cancer book, but someone said it helped with their CFIDS/FM and it was only five dollars, so I bought it. Holistic therapies and nutrition information. Hope it has some good info that really works.

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