>New Year’s Day Afternoon

Really hoping for a better year this time around. 2007 was the worst year since I first got sick with fibro. I had one six-week period where all I did was sleep, and the ‘good’ days were few and far between. It’s been hard. My homemaker service has been horrible this year as well, with no one coming at least 70% of the time, and they’re only here for two hours once a week anyway. So I am horribly disorganized and cluttered and messy and all those things that make life that much more difficult.

I really need to figure out a better way of dealing with chronic, debilitating illness. No car, living alone, isolated. It’s depressing as well as difficult. Right now I am out of almost everything, grocery-wise, and I am planning on having enough energy tomorrow to take the bus to the stop and shop. Haven’t shopped alone in a few years. The homemaker does that normally, and sometimes my friend Tess takes me shopping. But she is sick with a cold right now.

Oh, I am just feeling cranky. No milk for three days, so no coffee for three days. How am I surviving this lack of caffeine? Gooood question. But I am determined to make this year better all around. I will succeed. I will succeed.

Update Tuesday evening. I showered, dressed, and walked across the street for half-and-half. Coffee for breakfast! Yes!!!

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